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San Carlos Airport (ICAO: KSQL; IATA: SQL) is located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Conveniently situated close to San Francisco, San Jose, and all of Silicon Valley, San Carlos Airport is a vibrant general aviation airport.  And with Rabbit Aviation serving the field, using San Carlos Airport to travel in and out of the Bay Area is as convenient as it gets.
SQL's runway is 2600x75 ft, and the airport can accommodate both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.  For additional information, see AirNav's SQL page, or contact the airport administration office at 650-573-3700. 


Noise Abatement
Please download the pilot noise abatement handout here.

Fuel Ordering
We're always happy to hear from you. 
Hours: 0700-2000 seven days a week
Fuel Requests: 650-716-6579 (You can text your order in!)
ASRI 130.00
Billing or Other Inquiries: 650-591-5857
Transient Parking: Pilot Information
If SQL is landing on runway 30, exit the runway to the right; if SQL is landing on runway 12, exit to the left.  Ask the tower for directions to transient parking.  The terminal building is on the northeast side of the field.  There is no landing fee, but the airport administration does charge for overnight stays, payable in the terminal building (small aircraft: $10/night; large aircraft: $20/night).  At any time during your stay, you may contact us for fuel.
Passenger Pickup and Drop off:
The airport's terminal building is located at 620 Airport Drive, San Carlos, CA 94070

Airport Businesses:
AirSF Flight Services           Pilatus PC-12 Air Charter
Bay Aerial Helicopters         Robinson R44 Helicopter Aerial Tours and Photography
Bay Helicoptours                Enstrom F28A Helicopter Aerial Tours and Photography
Diamond Air Charter            Pilatus PC-12 Charter
Dreamline Aviation              Beechcraft King Air-200 Charter
Fly Bay Area                      Piper Archer Aerial Flight tours
JATO Aviation                     Cirrus and Advanced Cockpit Training *plus* Pilatus PC-12 Charter
San Carlos Aviation Supply  The "Best" Pilot Supply Shop
San Carlos Flight Center      Cessna, Piper, helicopter, and taildragger Flight Training & Maintenance
Silicon Valley Aviation          Private Large Hangar and Office Space
Sky Kitchen Cafe                 The "Best" meal on field
Surf Air                               Scheduled Pilatus PC-12 Charter Service
West Valley Flying Club       Cessna and Piper Flight Training