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New contact frequency 130.00 starts January 1, 2017

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Create an Account
To create an account with Rabbit Aviation, please follow the instructions and download the form below.
Why should I set-up an account?
When you are on account with Rabbit Aviation, benefits include being able to request automatic fueling in any quantity or denomination (e.g. aircraft should always be filled to tabs) and being able to be billed at the aircraft paperlessly and electronically.  Even if you do not wish to apply automatic ordering procedures to the account, you can save time every fill by forgoing the credit card swipe during every transaction.
How to set-up an account
To establish your Rabbit account as the owner of a San Carlos-based aircraft, please download the form using the links below.  After you have completed the relevant sections of the form and have signed the Terms and Conditions, you may fax or mail the application using the contact information provided on the form, you may scan and email the signed application to, or you may hand the application to any of our Line Service Specialists.