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Rabbit Aviation Customer Discount Program
Are high fuel costs keeping you grounded?  At Rabbit, we have what it takes to keep you in the air.  We have introduced an innovative discount program that is easy to join.
  • One way is as simple as having the right card on account with us.  Customers with Shell Aviation or Shell Platinum Citi-MasterCard cards on account will automatically receive a $0.15 discount for every gallon of fuel purchased--and over, say, a year's fuel purchases, fifteen cents a gallon goes a long way. If you're already on account with us and have a Shell Aviation card or Shell Citi-Platinum MasterCard on account, the discount will be automatically applied. 
  • Restrictions: Customer must make the above credit card default method of payment on account
  • The second discount method is purchasing volume. AvGas customers receive $.05 off per gallon for every 25 gallons purchased per transaction, up to 100 gallons.